Cold Case North

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Eric Bell, Michael Nest, Deanna Reder
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Adult Education, College, University
Cree, Metis
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University of Regina Press
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Cold Case North: The Search for James Brady and Absolom Halkett is a work about missing persons and double murder by Michael Nest, Deanna Reder, Cree-Métis; and Eric Bell, a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. In Cold Case North, Métis leader James Brady, one of the most famous Indigenous activists in Canada, a communist, strategist, and bibliophile, led Métis and First Nations to rebel against government and church oppression. Brady’s success made politicians and clergy fear him; he had enemies everywhere. In 1967, while prospecting in Saskatchewan with Cree Band Councillor and fellow activist, Absolom Halkett, both men vanished from their remote lakeside camp. For 50 years rumours swirled of secret mining interests, political intrigue, and murder. Cold Case North is the story of how a small team, with the help of the Indigenous community, exposed police failure in the original investigation, discovered new clues and testimony, and gathered the pieces of the North’s most enduring missing persons puzzle.

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