The Song Within My Heart (PB) FNCR2005

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David Bouchard
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
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Red Deer Press
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The Song Within My Heart is now available in paperback and is centred on Cree artist Allen Sapp's evocative paintings of his boyhood in Saskatchewan together with David Bouchard's lyrical text. In combination the text and images reinforce the love between a grandmother and her grandson as they prepare to attend a powwow. Based on the recollections of Allen Sapp's childhood with his Nokum (grandmother), the paintings capture the everyday preparations of this Plains Cree family. The boy recalls his first powwow and asks his Nokum what the singers are saying. Grandmother gently smiled and called upon the child to listen and hear with his heart. She was drawn into the music of the drum and wanted her grandson to find his own understanding of the songs. She tells the boy that he has few things to call his very own but these include precious gifts of stories, songs, and the beating heart. She explains how these gifts are within his reach and there are protocols for storytelling. This is a genuine teaching moment in the traditional manner and Grandmother uses her patience and love to provide her grandson with traditional knowledge. The book ends with the storyteller explaining that we can all access this understanding if we use our listening skills. It is really a treasured remembrance of Nokum that the storyteller is sharing. The end notes provide black and white family photographs of Sapp's family and his explanation of the traditional role of Elders and his Nokum. This book is the recipient of the 2003 Governor General's Literary Award for Children's Literature - Illustration. Readers can scan the QR code for Bilingual Cree and English audio.

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