Ekpahak: Where the Tide Ends

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Terry Graff, Bernard Riordan, Alan Syliboy
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Maliseet, Mi'kmaq
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Goose Lane Editions
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Ekpahak, Where the Tide Ends, Où la Marée Aboutit is a dual language art book from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery of New Brunswick. It is one exhibition of their vision of enriching life through art. Ekpahak was co-curated by Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy and Terry Graff, the Gallery's Deputy Director and Chief Curator who surveyed the art of New Brunswick's First Nations artists and Maliseet and Mi'kmaq communities. Their curation was based on a road trip to the province's reserves. Ekpahak was on view from June 21 to August 31, 2009 at the Gallery. The Road Trip took the curators through Mi'kmaq Nations at Ugpi'ganjib (Eel River Bar), Elsipogtog (Big Cove), and Metepenagiag (Red Bank); and Maliseet Nations at Negootkook (Tobique) and St. Mary's on the northeast bank of the Saint John River across from downtown Fredericton. This work includes a statement from the Maliseet Working Group on Repatriation of the Return of Grandfather Akwiten from Galway in Ireland and a letter of thanks is also in Maliseet. Significantly Ekpahak is the original "cultural capital" as the principle meeting place of the Maliseet Nation and their Council and is a short distance upriver from present day Fredericton. This exhibition shows a vibrant expression of sources, social contexts and community stories. Artist are: Peter Augustine (Elsipogtog First Nation, photographer, videographer), Ned Bear (St. Mary's First Nation, sculptor), G. Wayne Brooks (St. Mary's First Nation, canoe maker), Kim Brooks (St. Mary's First Nation, painter), Dozay Christmas (Negootkook First Nation, painter), Stephanie LaBillois (Ugpi'ganjib First Nation, traditional seamstress), Johnny "Crow" McBain (Ugpi'ganjig First Nation, drum maker), Andrea Bear Nicholas (Negootkook First Nation, traditional seamstress), Bernardine Perley (Negootkook First Nation, beadwork and traditional crafts), Shane Perley-Dutcher (Negootkook First Nation, silversmith and jewellery maker), Angela Peter Paul (Metepenagiag First Nation, painter),Audrey Sanipass (Indian Island First Nation, quill work), Natalie Sappier (Negootkook First Nation, painter), Allan Saulis (Negootkook First Nation, painter), Randy Simon (Elsipogtong, sculptor), Francine Ward-Francis (Metepenagiag, painter). Ekpahak, Where the Tide Ends is a journey through culture and fine art crafts of Indigenous New Brunswick.

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