Native Women of Courage-SS 6, 8

7th GenerationSKU: 9780977918324

Kelly Fournel
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Apache, Cherokee, Inuit, Lil'wat, Maliseet, Metis, Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Ojibwe, Osage, Paiute
Book Type:
7th Generation
Native Trailblazers Series

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Native Women of Courage for Young Readers is a collection of brief biographical sketches of ten outstanding First Nations women. Métis author Kelly Fournel celebrates the lives of Winona LaDuke, Sarah Winnemucca, Maria Tallchief, Mary Kim Titla, Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Susan Aglukark, Wilma Mankiller, Suzanne Rochon-Burnett, Lorna B. Williams, and Pauline Johnson. Each biography includes information about how each woman overcame difficult circumstances to achieve success in her field of endeavor. Each sketch includes the Nation, achievement and photograph of historical and contemporary women. Their Nations include Paiute, Apache, Maliseet, Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe), Inuit, Cherokee, Métis, Osage, Lil'wat, and Mohawk. This is a valuable contribution to the literature about Aboriginal women from Canada and the United States suitable for senior elementary and secondary students. This title is part of the Native Trailblazer Series from Seventh Generation Books. This book is selected as a recommended title in the 2009 First Nations Libraries Community Reads program. Reading Level: 6.0

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