Pegahmagabow: Life-Long Warrior

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Adrian Hayes
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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Blue Butterfly Books
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Pegahmagabow: Life-Long Warrior by journalist and historian Adrian Hayes details the life and times of Ojibwe leader and veteran Frances Pegahmagabow (1889-1952). Using personal interviews with friend, family members alongside the archival record, the author explores the early years, wartime exploits, and political activism of this renowned Ojibwe veteran and leader. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I. On the battlefields of France and Belgium he distinguished himself by winning three decorations for bravery, more than any other Canadian First Nation soldier. Following the war he returned to Wasauksing First Nation where he served as chief. Although the book contains numerous quotes from First Nations people, the text occasionally falls into vocabulary issues when it comes to terminology. For example the author refers to returning First Nations soldiers as boys and on occasion employs the term native or aboriginal when referencing First Nations. In Pegahmagabow's post-war career, the local Indian agent termed the war veteran a nuisance because the man fought for Aboriginal rights. This book contains 46 black & white photographs, maps, bibliography, and an index. It is a welcome addition to the literature about a First Nation man who excelled as a soldier during World War 1 and as a community leader and political activist.

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