Women Play Lacrosse

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Jim Calder, Ron Fletcher
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Ancient Game Press
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Women Play Lacrosse: A History of the International Field Game is the 2015 title from Ancient Game Press, the publisher of Lacrosse: The Ancient Game. Compiled by co-authors Jim Calder and Ron Fletcher this title is unique because it puts together the 125 plus year history of the women's sport. Its intention is to document the significant female players, builders and outstanding moments in field lacrosse. The 96-page book contains brief chapters about the history of the sport in several countries including Scotland, England, Wales, U.S.A., Australia, and Canada. The final section of the book discusses how the game was governed internationally and according to countries; the introduction of the sport in Japan and Ireland. A brief section explains the development of field lacrosse among the Haudenosaunee communities in Canada and the United States. Single page profiles about Amber Hill and Awehiyo Thomas appear in the Haudenosaunee section. The place of women's field lacrosse in the Olympics is also included. Numerous colour photographs are included in the book. A brief bibliography is included but no index is provided.

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