The Skeleton Key, Vampire Skeleton Book 2

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Sara General
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Iroquois, Mohawk
Book Type:
Spirit & Intent
Copyright Date:

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In the young adult novel, The Skeleton Key by Sara General, Cruz has made no secret of his desire to sever ties with his vampire sire. But when he brings old Haudenosaunee manuscripts to Brantwood University, intent on exploring their secrets, Rowen can't help but feel betrayed. Determined never to speak to him again, Rowen vows to concentrate on her healer training. But when Cruz's friend and fellow researcher is found brutally murdered, Rowen is drawn back to his side. 

Soon enough, they discover that knowledge isn't the only thing hidden amongst the old manuscripts. A malevolent force has woken and it's searching for something. Something it's willing to kill for. Now Rowen and Cruz must work together at all costs, before even more calamity befalls them. Can they stop this ancient evil in time? And what tragedy awaits them if they don't?
Sara General belongs to the Mohawk Nation and lives in the community of Six Nations by the Grand River

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