Ha'de:yq: Age:ge Asdeh! (Cayuga)

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Kehte Deer
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Book Type:
Spirit & Intent
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This is a Cayuga language resource written by Cayuga language resource developers from Six Nations of the Grand River.  The illustrations are cute colourful drawings of mostly children in outdoor settings playing and interacting with animals, plants and adults in the natural environment.  Traditional designs often found on beaded regalia and other Haudenosaunee art forms are also found.  Perfect for Cayuga immersion language learners as there is no English translation. However, there is one page devoted to noun translation in English. A particularly helpful added feature is the Language Notes section at the end of the book where several pages are dedicated to understanding how sentences are put together and the meanings behind the construction of Cayuga phrases as parts are changed to reflect a different meaning.  

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