A Spectacle of Stones : Vampire Skeleton Book 3

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Sara General
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
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Sara General
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A Spectacle of Stones, Vampire Skeleton Series Book Three is the third title in this series published in 2017.  Weighed down by grief and her ever-growing responsibilities as the healer of Harrowstone, Rowen has never felt more alone in her life. And though her feelings for the vampire Cruz have become clearer, it suddenly seems as though he’s pulling away from her—right when she needs him most. Before she can confront him, she receives a mysterious summons to a secret council of witches, where she finds herself agreeing to help solve the murder of a famous musician.  Soon, Rowen is swept up in the world of theatre, lost love and magic. But just because she’s been tasked with solving a murder—doesn’t mean the killer intends to make it easy for her. In fact, she seems to have become their next target. Can Rowen catch the killer before they catch up with her? Only time will tell. And her time is running. Sara General offers another storyline about Rowen and Cruz and the wider world outside of her beloved community.. Engaging and intriguing this YA novel brings the fantastic world of Harrowstone to life.

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