St. Paul's H.M. Royal Chapel of the Mohawk

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W. Barry Hill
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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W.Barry Hill
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St. Paul’s H.M. Royal Chapel of the Mohawk: The Chapel’s Place in Six Nations History 1710-2016 by W. Barry Hill is a description of the first Protestant church in Canada and now the oldest surviving church in Ontario. A brief history of the church describes the architecture, support, layout, location and funding for the Chapel. In the chapters that follow religious furnishings and appointments, construction and renovations over time and a visual history of the stained-glass windows lead to a discussion of the Chapel in the modern era. Appendices one to five provide further details on the Friends and Associates of the Chapel. The Chapel grounds are described through historical plaques, tomb and tombstones. A time-line of related historical events in the window descriptions provides further details on the Chapel. In appendix five, important partners in the Chapel’s restoration, maintenance and support are defined. There is also an acknowledgement and author’s reflection on the Chapel’s 230-year history.

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