Ending Denial: Understanding Aboriginal Issues

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Wayne Warry
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Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Toronto Press
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Ending Denial: Understanding Aboriginal Issues is a book originally published by Broadview Press and now reissued by the University of Toronto Press. Written by Wayne Warry, an applied medical anthropologist at McMaster University, the book examines our current understanding of Aboriginal issues in Canada. Written as an answer to neo-conservative political commentators and the mainstream media, the book offers brief essays that challenge the views that promote integration and assimilation as the saviors of First Nations social issues. Canadians must overcome their wholesale denial of Aboriginal rights and treaties that are rooted in colonialism and unconscious racism. Only then can Canada acknowledge Aboriginal Peoples inherent rights and their goal of self-determination. Chapters examine history and colonialism, the media and stereotyping, the roles of culture and First Nations identity, culture in urban areas, Aboriginal resource rights, sustainable economic development, capacity building in health, and developing accountable Aboriginal governments. The author offers an introduction that examines the changing world of terminology when it comes to First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples in Canadian scholarship and media. This book is highly recommended for introductory Native Studies courses in college and university.

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