Alliances: Re/Envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous Relationships

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Lynne Davis
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Toronto Press
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Alliances: Re/Envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous Relationships is a collection of 24 essays edited by Lynne Davis, associate professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at Trent University. The papers are the result of the 2006 Re/Envisioning Relationships conference that brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and activists working in the areas of Indigenous self-determination, and social and environmental justice. The book is organized into four themes: Visionaries; From the Front Lines; Linking Theory and Practice; and The Personal is Political. Essays include: Jake Swamp's Kanikonriio: Power of a Good Mind; William Woodsworth's Iroquoian Condolence Practised on a Civic Scale; The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Partnerships to Advance Human Rights; Grassy Narrows: Advocate for Mother Earth; and Picking Up the Wampum Belt as an Act of Protest by Paula Sherman. Other topics include an analysis of the Caledonia situation, fishing rights of the Chippewas of Nawash, Hopi justice work, American Indian Studies in Virginia, the resistance of the Secwepemc Watershed Committee against Sun Peaks Resort, the history of friendship and being allies, and conservation through Indigenous Knowledges in Guyana. The book contains a detailed index and reading lists.

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