Hidden In Plain Sight, Volume 2

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Dan Beavon, David R. Newhouse, Cora Voyageur
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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University Of Toronto Press
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture volume 2 is the highly anticipated second volume in the University of Toronto Press's series about Indigenous contributions to Canadian culture. A mix of brief biographical sketches and longer essays are organized around themes such as economic and community development; environment; education; politics and northern power; and arts and culture. Much more than a simple recitation of foods and tools developed by First Nations and Inuit, this book resounds with a refreshing approach to the topic of Indigenous contributions to the world. Students at the high school level will find 2 to 3 page spreads about leaders in Aboriginal economic development such as John Charles Bernard, David Gabriel Tuccaro, James Edward Williams, and Dorothy Grant. This first section also contains a profile on Mohawk Ironworkers, and essays about First Nations and Métis peoples in the fur trade. Part 2 details the importance of the environment and includes essays about mining on Aboriginal territories; a case study on environmental justice at Walpole Island; and biographical sketches about Nellie J. Cournoyea, Matthew Coon Come, and Cindy Kenny-Gilday. Part three's focus is education and includes essays by Jo-ann Archibald, Elders' Teachings about Indigenous Storywork for Education; The Contributions of Gitksan and Tsimshian Oral Traditions to Canadian Historiography by Andrew Nurse. Biographies about Olive Patricia Dickason, Verna Jane Kirkness, Beverly (Buffy) Sainte-Marie, Marlene Brant Castellano, Malcolm King, and Marie Ann Battiste are included. David Smith's paper A St¾:lo-Coast Salish Historical Atlas appears alongside Georges Sioui's groundbreaking piece, Canada - Its Cradle, Its Name, Its Spirit: The Stadaconan Contribution to Canadian Culture and Identity.

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