Stickhandling through the Margins

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Michael A. Robidoux
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Toronto Press
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With stories and observations gleaned from three years of ethnographic research, Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada richly illustrates how hockey is played and experienced by First Nations peoples across Canada, both in isolated reserve communities and at tournaments that bring together participants from across the country. Robidoux's vivid description transports readers into the world of First Nations hockey, revealing it to be a highly social and at times even spiritual activity ripe with hidden layers of meaning that are often surprising to the outside observer. Chapter 2 focuses on the study of how hockey came to the Esketemc First Nation also known as Alkali Lake that received international recognition for the community's battle against alcohol. Michael A. Robidoux is an associate professor in the School of Human Kinetics and the Indigenous Health Research Group at the University of Ottawa.

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