From Recognition to Reconciliation

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Patrick Macklem, Douglas Sanderson
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College, University
Aborigines, Maori, Multiple Nations
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University of Toronto Press
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From Recognition to Reconciliation: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights is a collection essays by 20 Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars about the current understandings surrounding Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. More than thirty years ago, section 35 of the Constitution Act recognized and affirmed the existing Aboriginal and treaty rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Hailed at the time as a watershed moment in the legal and political relationship between Indigenous peoples and settler societies in Canada, the constitutional entrenchment of Aboriginal and treaty rights has proven to be only the beginning of the long and complicated process of giving meaning to that constitutional recognition. In From Recognition to Reconciliation, twenty leading scholars reflect on the continuing transformation of the constitutional relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian state. The book features essays on themes such as the role of sovereignty in constitutional jurisprudence, the diversity of methodologies at play in these legal and political questions, and connections between the Canadian constitutional experience and developments elsewhere in the world. Contributors include: John Borrows, Michael J. Bryant, Megan Davis, Natacha Gagné, Kirsty Gover, Sari Graben, Sébastien Grammond, Michael Ignatieff, Courtney Jung, Marcia Langton, Isabelle Lantagne, Jean Leclair, Natalia Loukacheva, Patrick Macklem, P.G. McHugh, Dwight Newman, Jacinta Ruru, Douglas Sanderson, Abbey Sinclair, Brian Slattery, Dale Turner.

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