Meet Tom Longboat

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Elizabeth MacLeod
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Iroquois, Onondaga
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Scholastic Canada Ltd.
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Meet Tom Longboat is one of the new picture book titles in the Scholastic Canada Biography Series featuring accessible text, full-colour illustrations, with historical notes and timelines that provide even more information on Tom Longboat’s (1886-1949) background and incredible accomplishments. This 32-page book offers young readers a new approach to understanding a famous long distance runner from Six Nations of the Grand River who competed in the Boston Marathon.  Author Elizabeth MacLeod tells a lively story that touches on the Onondaga athlete’s unorthodox running style and training regimen. Often criticised for his running approach, Tom proves his style was the best method as athletes use the method in today’s marathon racing. Tom also faced racism and discrimination from the public but he carried his head high and was always proud of his home community. He served as a messenger during World War One and returned to Canada despite being declared missing and presumed dead. Following the war marathon racing fell out of favour being replaced by team sports. When Tom found employment he was pleased to work outdoors in Toronto as a street cleaner and garbage collector. Eventually he retired and lived on Six Nations until his death in 1947. Tom Longboat was named to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame and Tom Longboat Day was established on June 4 in Ontario. Artist and illustrator Mike Deas creates accessible drawings styled in the form of comics that will appeal to young readers. A fine combination of story and illustrations introduce primary level readers to this remarkable sports hero from Six Nations. Highly recommended.

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