Running Down A Dream A Memoir HC (FNCR 2023)

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Candy Palmater
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Harper Collins Canada
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A powerful, often funny, always inspiring memoir from a beloved comedian, professional orator, actor, entertainer, gone all too soon.

Candy Palmater loved to connect with people. She lived for the stage, her effervescent presence on television and radio ignited and inspired audiences, touching them with her warm, often spicy humour as well as her positive message about love and kindness. And she always believed that it is never too late to pursue our dreams and that we should never allow others to negatively influence our life's desires.

Candy described herself as a queer Mi'kmaw lawyer-turned-comic raised by bikers in rural New Brunswick and on the surface, she met with enormous success – on leaving government and the practice of law, she started a career as a stand-up comedian, which led to starring in five successful seasons of her own national TV show, hosting many radio shows and co-guest hosting CTV's The Social, and landing a recurring role on a hot new sitcom in her fifties. But she is the first to tell you she made all kinds of mistakes and experienced all kinds of failure along the way. Running Down a Dream is Candy's story, in her own words, of the highs, the lows, the moments of doubt, the turning points when she listened to her gut and tuned out all the people saying no. It's also a tribute to her family and the love that always bolstered her, despite their own hard times. She shares her stories to inspire us to embrace our failures and to believe in ourselves. And most importantly, Running Down a Dream is a call to love ourselves for who we are.

The world lost Candy in late 2021, and yet she left us with this gift -- a memoir and a message that will inspire us for years to come.

Candy Palmater was the creator and star of her own national, multiple award-winning TV series, The Candy Show (APTN). She appeared in numerous other TV shows, including the Trailer Park Boys S10, and had a central role in the new CBC TV series Run the Burbs from the creator of Kim’s Convenience. She was also a regular guest host on CTV’s The Social and appeared regularly on CBC’s Because News and The Next Chapter. A former lawyer, Candy was a beloved and widely sought-after speaker on issues of self-acceptance, love and kindness, Indigenous rights, queer rights and self-empowerment. Candy touched and inspired whomever she met. She passed away on December 25, 2021.

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