The Reconciliation Manifesto

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Ronald Derrickson, Arthur Manuel
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Okanagan, Secwepemc
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The Reconciliation Manifesto, Recovering the Land Rebuilding the Economy is introduced by Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson and is  Arthur Manuel’s call to action. Here Grand Chief Derrickson introduces the final draft of Arthur Manuel’s ideas. In this step-by-step approach on where Indigenous peoples are today as nations, how they arrived at this point and where they are headed, this book offers reconciliation guidance. Arthur Manuel also explored ideas and hidden struggles of Indigenous resurgence. He points a path forward for Canada and Indigenous peoples recognizing that the basic colonial structures are a dominant construct requiring attention for how Canada actually functions and which have resulted in a devastating affect on Indigenous peoples. Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson and Arthur Manuel represent grassroots, on-reserve action activist, and rights activist and businessman respectively. Arthur Manuel’s work on a theory of colonialism as the interplay of dispossession, dependency and oppression in the context of Indigenous land rights and inalienable rights to self-determination, are to be addressed through recognition and restitution not apologies. Following a preface to the introduction by Naomi Klein, this book is a battle map for warriors and the basic facts of history often distorted or denied. This work is organized through eight parts, based on large themes and thematic impacts. For example, Part One is Getting to Know You regarding dispossession, dependency, oppression to Part Two, outlining The R Words of racism and reserves. Part Three is on European Land Claims showing a history of attempted genocide, changing legal and political landscapes, court cases and crown title, and the treaty process for example. Part 4 to Part 7 is about Putting Our House in Order, The Family of Nations, False Reconciliation, and Standing Our Ground. Part 8 focuses on Re-envisioning Canada including a six-step program to decolonization. There are five open letters to people who still hold sway over Indigenous peoples who can right past wrongs for the next generations and an article written by Arthur Manuel regarding the 150 celebrations, where he asks Are You Canadian.

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