Rez Rebel

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Melanie Florence
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
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James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
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Rez Rebel is the 2017 young adult novel by author Melanie Florence. In this book she writes with clarity and honesty about teen suicides in First Nations communities. Set in a fictionalized Cree reserve, main character Floyd Twofeathers, finds that his home community is undergoing devastating change and loss as young adults have attempted and succeeded suicide. His parents have their own approach that threatens to send his father into a depression. Floyd desperately tries to rally his community's support and find activities for the large youth population. Floyd's father has other ideas and the father and son clash causes friction at home. The novel attempts to portray a contemporary First Nation family as they come to terms with this serious mental health concern. Scottish/Cree author Melanie Florence has written an engaging story addressing a major concern on most reserves. Sensitive students may find the topic too challenging but this is a highly recommended young adult novel.

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