The Redemption of Oscar Wolf: A Novel HC

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James Bartleman
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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The Redemption of Oscar Wolf: A Novel is the most recent adult novel by James Bartleman. Writing the story based loosely on his family and community's early years, Bartleman creates the main character Oscar Wolf, an Ojibwe youth of 13 living in the Rama First Nation area. Set during the 1930s, the narrative tells the story of this First Nation boy who sets fire to the local town's business. It is his rage against white society that compels this outrageous action and the result is devastating to the small town and to Oscar. Over the next 30 years, readers follow the comings and goings of Oscar as he drifts to California as a fruit picker, becomes a sports figure, joins the military, returns to enter university, and joins the diplomatic corps. Throughout Oscar becomes an alcoholic and while in South Africa he badly beaten and found at a brothel. Dismissed from public service Oscar seeks his final attempt at redemption. It could be successful or end in continued pain and grief. In the interview with the author at the close of the novel, Bartleman explains some of the themes such as the trickster he was attempting to weave into the narrative. Some readers may find the stereotypical storyline of family dysfunction and alcoholism a grim prospect but others may find humour in the satirical view of diplomats and politicians. 

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