The Queen at the Council Fire

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Nathan Tidridge
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College, University
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Dundurn Press
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The Queen at the Council Fire: The Treaty of Niagara, Reconciliation, and the Dignified Crown in Canada is the 2015 published account of the significance of the Crown in terms of truth, reconciliation, and the 1764 Treaty of Niagara. Waterdown secondary school teacher presents his personal interpretation of the place of the British Crown in Canada in relation to the various First Nations especially the Ojibwe. His personal exploration of the relationship between First Nations and the Crown as represented by this treaty is viewed mainly from the Ojibwe perspective heavily influenced by the importance of the British Crown. A limited description of the actual Treaty of Niagara event is surrounded by current interpretations of First Nations perspectives. The final chapter of this 184-page book offers the author's suggestions for "Moving Forward Together."

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