Molly's Promise

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Sylvia Olsen
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Nuuchahnulth, Pacific NW
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Orca Book Publishers
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Molly's Promise by author Sylvia Olsen is part of the Orca Young Readers Series. Seventh-grade student Molly Jacobs attends school with both First Nation and non-First Nation students. Her best friends include Murphy, from Olsen's earlier title Murphy and Mousetrap, who lives on the nearby First Nation. Molly's father is First Nation and it has just been the two of them since she was an infant. Her mother is white but Molly does not remember her and her father won't talk about the past. In addition to dealing with identity issues and fitting in at school, Molly has a secret. She made a promise to her absent mother that she would sing for her on their first meeting. Trouble is Molly has never sung out loud or told anyone about the promise. To everyone's surprise Molly signs up for a local talent contest. Her dad and her friends are shocked to learn Molly chose singing as her talent. But what about her secret promise to her mother. Molly finds a true friend in Murphy who automatically signs himself up as her manager for the competition. He even arranges a trail run among his family and friends. The reader can see that Molly is destined to win the competition but the suspense about meeting her mother maintains the storyline. Throughout the story Molly struggles with bullying from classmates, as well as questioning herself about the promise. Molly's father and Murphy's grandmother provide wise advice for Molly and allow her to find her true voice and fulfill her promise. Lexile Measure: 550; ATOS Reading Level: 3.8; Reading Level: 3.8.

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