We Sang You Home (FNCR18) BD

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Richard Van Camp
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Orca Book Publishers
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We Sang You Home is a charming and heart-warming board book that welcomes a new baby boy into a family. Written by renowned author and storyteller Richard Van Camp and illustrated with creative flair by Julie Flett, this board book is a welcome addition to Indigenous family print resources. Flett uses collage-like images of a couple sitting on a blanket during the night. A moon can be seen along with two white rabbits peeking at each other from across the page. The woman is playing guitar and the simple text on the opposite page proclaiming that they sang for an infant to join them. The following page spread conveys the message of the couple singing for a child and they heard an infant’s reply. The 26-page board book reflects the love and caring coming from the parent’s song all the while the baby boy grows into a toddler. The cover illustrates the idea of a growing boy with 2 tiny baby teeth smiling at the reader. Mainly directed at the parents, readers will find the simple two lines of text per 2-page spread offers an amazing love song for a new infant that thrives in a loving family. The final page replicates the opening pages with two adults seated on a blanket with a toddler under a full moon. At this point no words are required as two rabbits watch the family along with their little bunny. Highly recommended. We Sang You Home has been selected in the Children’s Category Longlist for First Nation Communities READ 2018

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