Canadian Aboriginal Art & Culture: Inuit rev ed hc

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Erinn Banting
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Arctic, Inuit
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Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture: Inuit is the 2016 revised edition in this Weigl Educational Publishers series written by Erin Banting. This 32-page volume explores the traditional and current everyday life and culture of the Inuit people by examining their unique food, clothing, art, language, homes, ceremonies, celebrations, language, storytelling, music and dance, and tools. Each topic covers the basic details of the people now known as Inuit who reside in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and northern Quebec. Each two-page spread includes simple paragraphs, colour maps, colour photographs, and an informative sidebar. The author notes that many families also reside in urban centres. Traditional Inuit homes of the past included igloos or dome-shaped snow houses, tents, or permanent oval-shaped structures. Each volume includes an index and one-page quiz.

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