The Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots 3rd Edition

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Donald G. Frantz, Norma Jean Russell
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College, University
Blackfoot, Plains, Siksika
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University of Toronto Press
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The Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes is the third edition of the dictionary originally published in 1989. This 2017 edition adds more than 1,100 new entries, major additions to verb stems, and the inclusion of vai, vii, vta, and viti syntactic categories. It contains more than 5,500 Blackfoot-English entries and an English index of more than 6,000 entries, and provides thorough coverage of cultural terms. The transcription uses an official, technically accurate alphabet and the authors have classified entries and selected examples based on more than 46 years of research.  This Algonquian language is spoken by thousands in Alberta and Montana.  Authors Donald Franz and Norma Jean Russell both associated with the University of Lethbridge have contributed this comprehensive resource for the Blackfoot language. Essential reference title for anthropology, linguistic and Indigenous Studies programs. Recommended.

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