Wise Practices

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Ryan Beaton, John Borrows, Robert Hamilton, Brent Mainprize, Joshua Ben David Nichols
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Multiple Nations
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University of Toronto Press
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Wise Practices: Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination is an edited volume by Robert Hamilton; John Borrows; Brent Mainprize; Ryan Beaton  and Joshua Ben David Nichols. Wise Practices discusses how Indigenous peoples in Canada are striving for greater economic prosperity and political self-determination. Investigating specific legal, economic, and political practices, and including research from interviews with Indigenous political and business leaders, this collection seeks to provide insights grounded in lived experience. Covering such critical topics as economic justice and self-determination, and the barriers faced in pursuing each, Wise Practices sets out to understand the issues not in terms of sweeping empirical findings but rather the particular experiences of individuals and communities. The choice to focus on specific practices of law and governance is a conscious rejection of idealized theorizing about law and governance and represents an important step in the existing scholarship. The volume offers readers a broad scope of perspectives, incorporating contemporary thought on Indigenous law and legal orders, the impact of state law on Indigenous peoples, theories and practices of economic development, and grounded practices of governances. While the authors address a range of topics, each does so in a way that sheds light on how Indigenous practices of law and governance support the social and economic development of Indigenous peoples.

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