Solemn Words and Foundational Documents

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Jean-Pierre Morin
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Algonquin, Blackfoot, Mississauga, Multiple Nations, Oji-Cree, Ojibwe, Saanich
Book Type:
University of Toronto Press
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Solemn Words and Foundational Documents: An Annotated Discussion of Indigenous-Crown Treaties in Canada, 1752-1923 is an important contribution to the study of the history of Indigenous treaties in Canada. Historian Jean-Pierre Morin, adjunct professor in the department of history at Carleton University compiled the eight treaties in this volume. The treaties include the 1752 Peace and Friendship Treaty, the Huron-British Treaty, the 1805 Toronto Purchase, the Robinson-Huron Treaty, the Saanich Treaty, the 1871 Treaty 1, 1899 Treaty 8, and the 1923 Williams Treaty. For each, the author provides background details about the main characters as well as related sources, discussion questions, and an essay that assists readers in understanding treaties as living documents. Following the understanding that all people are treaty people this 280-page volume assists students in their analysis of oral and written sources and the critical historical inquiry method. A topic of interest is the Gunshot Treaty in Ontario. This valuable resorce contains archival images, bibliography and a comprehensive index. Highly recommended.


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