The Life of Joseph Brant (HC)

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Ryan Nagelhout
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Iroquois, Mohawk, Woodland
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PowerKids Press
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The Life of Joseph Brant is a 2017 release from Power Kids Press. It is part of the Native American Biographies published for the junior level classroom. It is a welcome addition to the biographical releases about the Mohawk leader and ally of the British. Most Canadian and American publishers especially those producing portraits of historical people stress that Brant was a Chief. Joseph Brant was not a Chief in the Five Nation Confederacy council. This author and publisher have succeeded where many have failed to produce an accurate and respectful biography. Brief chapters set the stage of Brant's cultural identity and his early years and the remaining chapters locate Brant during the years of early America and the Revolutionary War. Brant's early schooling, his family connection to Sir William Johnson, his early warfare experience and his diplomatic experiences are identified. His voyages to England and his efforts at translations of the Church of England's important texts into the Mohawk language stand out as career achievements. Yet his pro-British focus aided in the turmoil of the period. Readers are encouraged to visualize Joseph Brant’s story through historical artwork and primary sources. Sidebars and a timeline supplement the text’s engaging material. Included are colour photographs of the various Joseph Brant portraits as well as a photo of his reconstructed home in Burlington, Ontario. The information book includes an index, glossary, sidebars, graphic organizers, suggested readings and websites. The only piece missing is a map showing the territory Brant's travels covered. Highly recommended.  ATOS Book Level: 6.2; Reading Level: 6.5

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