Haida - Canadian Aboriginal Art & Culture

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Jennifer Nault, John Willis
Canadian Aboriginal Art & Culture Smartbooks
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Haida, Pacific NW
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Canadian Aboriginal Art & Culture Smartbooks
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Canadian Aboriginal Art And Culture: Haida is one of the titles in Smartbook Media’s series, Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture, published in 2019. Each title in this series provides factual information about a First Nation and is designed for grades five and six. Authors Jennifer Nault and John Willis explain how the Haida Nation have lived and thrived along the Pacific Northwest for more than 8000 years according to archaeologists. The book contains 12 chapters covering the following topics the people, communities, homes, food (recipe for Halibut Soup), clothing, tools and weapons, religion, ceremonies and celebrations, music and dance, language and storytelling, art (Robert Davidson and Bill Reid), and Totem Poles. Each chapter in the 32-page book consists of a two-page spread featuring appropriate photographs and text. The final chapters include timelines and approaches for studying Haida cultural history. Colour photographs assist students in understanding the Haida people as contemporary members of today’s society. The unique feature of this series is the accessible website (Lightbox) dedicated to each title including embedded videos, slideshow, child-safe weblinks, and the book’s complete text in audio. An index, word definitions, and recommended websites for additional research make this title ideal for grades 5 and 6. Recommended.

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