Aboriginal Policy Research: Volume III

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Dan Beavon, Jerry P. White, Susan Wingert
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Twelve, College, University
Maori, Multiple Nations
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Thompson Educational Publishing
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Aboriginal Policy Research: Moving Forward, Making a Difference, volume 3 is a collection of papers about Aboriginal Peoples presented at the second Aboriginal Research Policy Conference held in Ottawa in 2006. Co-chaired by Dan Beavon of INAC, Jerry White of University of Western Ontario, and Peter Dinsdale of the National Association of Friendship Centres, the conference examined education and employment issues for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and in the international context. This third volume of the series presents 16 essays organized into three sections: education and employment training; dimensions of socio-economic well-being; and international research. One particular interesting essay by Anthony Ezeife discusses Culturally Sensitive Mathematics at Walpole Island. Other essays tackle the issue of drinking water in reserve communities, climate change in Nunavut, the role of fathers and their involvement with their children, and Aboriginal Languages. The international essays cover the Maori, Aboriginal population in Australia according to the 2001 Census, and labour market participation of the Indigenous People of Siberia.

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