Walking in the Good Way: Aboriginal Social Work Education

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Ingrid Thompson Cooper, Gail Stacey Moore
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Canadian Scholars
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Walking in a Good Way: Aboriginal Social Work Education contains 12 original articles in this collection sensitively describing efforts during the past twenty-five years to develop and deliver social work education that meets the needs of Aboriginal students in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is an excellent resource for social work educators around the world who wish to work with Aboriginal communities in offering anti-oppressive, Aboriginal-centred education. Articles include 4 articles about the McGill Certificate Program such as Local and Global Approaches to Aboriginal Education: A Description of the McGill Certificate Program in Aboriginal Social Work Practice by Gail Stacey Moore; Strengths and Weaknesses of a Specialized Program: Learning from Students in Aboriginal Social Work Education in Canada by Amanda Grenier; Aboriginal BSW Education in Rural and Remote Communities: The University of Calgary's Learning Circle Model by Michael Kim Zapf; and Education as Healing: A Central Part of Aboriginal Social Work Professional Training by Ingrid Thompson Cooper, Gail Stacey Moore, and Florence Dobson.

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