Strong Helpers' Teachings. 3rd Edition

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Cyndy Baskin
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Canadian Scholars
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Strong Helpers' Teachings: The Value of Indigenous Knowledges in the Helping Professions is the second edition of Cyndy Baskin's essential text for students, practitioners, and scholars in the human services. This thoroughly updated edition includes new chapters on self-care for helpers, holistic approaches to mental health, and two-spirit experiences and is a valuable resource for those interested in sharing, listening, and teaching Indigenous worldviews and helping practices. Making space for the voices of many Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, practitioners, and service users, Cyndy Baskin’s text models possible pathways towards relationship building and allyship. Placing Indigenous concerns and perspectives at the centre of social work disciplines, and through the use of examples and case studies, Baskin covers topics such as spirituality, research, justice, and healing. Cyndy Baskin is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Ryerson University. Of Mi’kmaq and Celtic Nations, she is of the Fish Clan and also known as The Woman Who Passes on the Teachings. Highly Recommended

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