How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat

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Michael James Isaac
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Mi'kmaq, Woodland
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Roseway Publishing
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How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat (Ta’n Petalu Telui’tut Skite’kmujewey Mia’wj) is a bilingual (English and Mi'kmaq) tells story about a young cougar who decides to build his home in a strange forest. When he finds that all of the animals in the forest are afraid of him, the young cougar agrees to stop behaving like a cougar so that he can make friends. But when he tries to return to his birthplace, he learns that he is no longer welcome. Author Michael James Isaac writes an intriguing story that mixes a traditional account of how the cougar came to be known as ghost cat with valuable insight into one's identity in Canadian society. The story will appeal to all students regardless of cultural background because the author explores being caught in two worlds and the idea of belonging. The author provides an afterword about his inspiration for the story and how he believes it is a narrative that fosters inclusion and listening to others.

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