Moving Forward, Giving Back

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Jim Silver
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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Fernwood Publishing
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Moving Forward, Giving Back: Transformative Aboriginal Adult Education describes the initiatives and strategies that have proven successful and transformative for adult urban Aboriginal students. Drawing upon the voices and experiences of Aboriginal adult learners themselves, editor Jim Silver has compiled an essential collection of ten essays written by adult edition professionals working in the Winnipeg inner-city region. Essays include Circles of Healing and Transformation: Aboriginal Women and Adult Education; We Are the Agents of Change: Thoughts on Aboriginal Adult Education; Tools for Building Our Freedom; Healing the Spirit First: Aboriginal Second Chance Learners in Three Inner City Programs; It’s the wec Way: Transformative Social Work Education; To Walk in Both Worlds: Ma Mawi Goes to University; Getting on the bus: Reflections on the First Cohort of a Transition to University Program; Sharing Our Life Stories: Transformative Writing and Learning; and Adult Education as Community Development: The Case of Lord Selkirk Park. Aboriginal people who choose to improve their education as adults often face many challenges, most of which arise from the ongoing impact of colonialism and of racialized poverty. Yet in Winnipeg’s low-income inner city, a variety of innovative and effective Aboriginal adult education initiatives have emerged. This volume highlights this educational movement.

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