Debriefing Elsipogtog

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Miles Howe
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Twelve, College, University
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Fernwood Publishing
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Debriefing Elsipogtog: The Anatomy of a Struggle documents how Texas-based Southwestern Energy was provided a licence to search over a million hectares of land in New Brunswick for natural gas extraction, and how the First Nation Elsipogtog First Nation (formerly Big Cove) employed new tactics in the effort to expel Southwestern Energy. Written by journalist Miles Howe, who was embedded in the community from the beginning of the 2013 struggle, Debriefing Elsipogtog offers a riveting, firsthand, on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes account of this story. Through an examination of the political forces and motivations that led to one-seventh of New Brunswick being leased to the Texas-based company, the diminishment of regulatory oversight and a compromised Indigenous consultation process, Howe explores not only how people allied to build this movement but also how the state intervened to undermine resistance and willfully ignored inherent treaty rights and responsibilities. Miles Howe is a guest living in K’jipuktuk (Halifax), on unceeded Mi’kmaw territory. He’s a freelance journalist and an editor with the Halifax Media Co-op. A highly readable account. Includes maps and black and white photographs.

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