Chief Lightning Bolt

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Daniel N. Paul
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Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
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Roseway Publishing
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Chief Lightning Bolt is a fascinating historical fiction novel of the Mi'kmaq written by renowned Mikmaw historian and activist Daniel N. Paul. Best known for his account of the Mi'kmaq, We Were Not the Savages, this novel gives readers an account of the people and their worldview during the fifteenth century just prior to the onslaught of European military and settlers to their homeland. Understanding Mi'kmaq views of their nation and the role of traditional leadership provides a counterpoint to the simplistic historical accounts written by Canadian historians about these men and women who faced European invaders. Readers are introduced to the character and motivation of the Mi'kmaq through the eyes of a young man as he matures from a young child, a teen, a young man who protects his relatives and community, to a wise and caring Elder who provides wise counsel to the people of his village. Chief Lightning Bolt is portrayed as an outstanding warrior and at the same time a man whose modesty and humble nature exemplified the prized values of the Mi'kmaq - caring, courage, honour, service and sacrifice. The Mi'kmaq were a peace loving Nation and respected the lands that provided for their needs. The story is engaging and provides readers with well-rounded characters that seek to keep the peace with their neighbouring Nations. Readers may be surprised to learn about the people's diplomatic skills and efforts to keep the peace and avoid conflicts. Highly recommended for secondary level libraries and public libraries. Daniel N. Paul was born in 1938 on the Indian Brook Reserve, Hants County, Nova Scotia. Paul is an ardent spokesperson and activist for human rights. He is freelance lecturer and journalist, has a small advisory business, is a Justice of the Peace for the province of Nova Scotia, a commissioner with Nova Scotia Police Commission and is involved in a multitude of other activities. He has served on several other provincial commissions, including the Human Rights Commission and the Nova Scotia Department of Justice’s Court Re-structuring Task Force. He holds, among many awards, an honourary degree in Letters, University of Sainte Anne, Church Point, Nova Scotia, is a member of the Order of Canada and is a member of the Order of Nova Scotia.

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