Deal With It Series Resource Guide

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Tricia Carmichael
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Multiple Nations
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James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
Deal With It Series

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Deal With It Series Teacher Resource provides teachers with lesson plans for 19 of the Deal With It student books including Arguing, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Cliques, Competition, Girlness, Guyness, Gangs, Fighting, Gossip, Image, Lying, Misconduct, Money, Peer Pressure, Racism, Rudeness, Privacy, and Teasing. Each book in the series is covered by a 9-page spread that provides information about how to effectively use each student resource. Each topic begins with an introduction, includes details on each of the titles, highlights, discussion questions, teaching activities, curriculum connections, and additional resources. The teaching activities include activities for the individual student, pairs, and group work. They are designed to encourage students to think about issues in new ways and most provide Canadian examples. A valuable Canadian resource for teaching Character Education. Each Deal With It titles is sold separately.

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