Tales from Big Spirit : The Peacemaker, Thanadelthur (FNCR 2016)

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David Alexander Robertson
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Chipewyan, Dene
Book Type:
Highwater Press
Copyright Date:

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 The Peacemaker: Thanadelthur is one book in the Tales from Big Spirit series from Highwater Press. Tales from Big Spirit is a unique six-book graphic novel series that delves into the stories of six great Indigenous heroes from Aboriginal peoples and Canadian history—some already well known and others who deserve to be. Designed to correspond to grades 4–6 social studies curriculums across Canada, these full colour graphic novels could be used in literature circles, novel studies, and book clubs to facilitate discussion of social studies topics. These books will help students make historical connections while promoting important literacy skills. Swampy Cree writer David Alexander Robertson is the author of all six titles. The illustrator for The Peacemaker is Wai Tien. The story revolves around the theme of courage and overcoming hardships and fear. The story begins with a contemporary student attending a First Nation school. Cole is found daydreaming by his teacher and he is assigned an oral presentation about an Aboriginal role model. Cole tries to convince his family that he is too ill to make a presentation in front of his classmates. Cole's older sister assists her brother by telling the story of a Dene (Chipewyan) woman from the 1700s named Thanadelthur. This woman was responsible for bringing peace between her Dene people and the Cree. Her efforts opened up trade routes for the Dene people with the fur traders at Fort York. She served as translator for the governor at this fort.  Cole was so inspired by this remarkable woman's bravery that he went to school the next day and made his oral presentation about this Dene hero known as the Peacemaker.

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