I Cant Have Bannock But the Beaver revised

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Bernelda Wheeler
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Highwater Press
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I Can't Have Bannock But The Beaver Has A Dam is a wonderful picture book for reading aloud to young children. Bernalda Wheeler creates a refreshing way to introduce young children to contemporary First Nations people. Her character is a young boy who asks his mother to make some bannock. Bannock is a traditional bread made by most First Nations in northern Canada. The mother explains why she can't use her stove until the hydro line is fixed. It all comes down to the fact that a beaver has cut down a tree for his dam. This is a story set in a modern-day home where traditional foods are cooked. A recipe for bannock is included. It is important that young children are exposed to books about contemporary Aboriginal Peoples and this book certainly should be included in preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

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