Fire Starters (FNCR 2017)

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Jen Storm
Grade Levels:
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
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Highwater Press
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First Starters by first-time graphic novel author Jen Storm published in the Debwe Series by Highwater Press. Illustrated in colour by Scott Henderson, this young adult graphic novel tells a story that stresses the importance of always being truthful. Teens from the Agamiing Reserve and the local town find themselves in serious trouble after a thoughtless prank ends with the reserve's gas bar burned down. After finding an old flare gun in his grandmother's garage, one teen proposes Ron and Ben go to the reserve's dump and shoot the flare gun. On route they meet up with two friends from school and all four visit the dump. As the  four return to the gas bar, the sheriff;s son wants the clerk to sell him a pack of cigarettes. The clerk refuses and unknown to Ben and Ron, the friend from town steals a pack. Later in the evening the town youth sneak to the gas bar and set fire to it. Unfortunately the youth from the rez are blamed by the town sheriff and taken to jail. Despite their protests Ben and Ron are not believed. Eventually the truth is discovered when the boy from town convinces the sheriff's son to admit his guilt. The full-colour illustrations by Scott Henderson and the colour artist Donovan Yaciuk collaborate with Ojibwe storyteller Jen Storm to capture life and relationships on a reserve set during current times. One cannot help but notice the missing poster of a community member on the store's exterior. Consequences from the arson and the lack of truth telling by one teen results in a talking circle with learning from one's mistakes and restitution.  A positive resource that demonstrates how the idea of truth and reconciliation can be achieved. Highly Recommended. Fire Starters has been selected in the Young Adult/Adult Category Longlist for First Nation Communities READ 2017.

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