The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing pb SS4, 6

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Alootook Ipellie
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Annick Press

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The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing Arctic Innovations is an excellent resource about Inuit contributions to Canada. Author Alootook Ipellie (1951-2007) was an artist originally from Frobisher Bay. The book covers more than 40 different Inuit innovations such as the kayak, dog sleds, shelter, clothing, food, medicine and healing, and games all appropriate for the Arctic environment. The first chapter describes the Inuit people and the Arctic landscape. A map and time line of Inuit territory and history is provided. Each topic is described in two-page spreads that include photographs, informative captions, and simple paragraphs detailing each invention. The final chapter describes the Inuit people today through text and colour photographs. The author employs Inuit terminology and a helpful chart is provided. There are further reading suggestions and index. This book celebrates the creativity of the Inuit and their remarkable ideas for inventing useful tools and concepts for survival in the Far North. ATOS Reading Level: 6.9; Reading Level: 4.7. Highly recommended.

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