The Nature of Empires and the Empires of Nature PB

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Karl S. Hele
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College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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Wilfred Laurier University Press
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The Nature of Empires and the Empires of Nature: Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes Environment explores, from Indigenous or Indigenous-influenced perspectives, the power of nature and the attempts by empires (United States, Canada, and Britain) to control it. It examines contemporary threats to First Nations communities from ongoing political, environmental, and social issues, as well as efforts to confront and eliminate these threats to peoples and the environment. Essays suggest new ways of looking at the Great Lakes watershed and the peoples and empires contained within it. The volume contains 15 essays including: Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes Environment by Brian Rice; Empire Revisited: The Covenant Chain of Silver, Land Policy, and the Proclamation of 1763 in the Great Lakes Region, 1760-1800 by Karen J. Travers; The Effects of the Uranium Industry on the Serpent River First Nation, 1953-1988 by Lianne C. Leddy; The Water Quality Issue at Walpole Island First Nation by Christianne V. Stephens and Regna Darnell; and The Great Indian Bus Tour: Mapping Toronto's Urban First Nations Oral Tradition by Jon Johnson. Editor Karl S. Hele is a member of the Garden River First Nation community of Anishinaabeg, is an associate professor and the director of First Peoples Studies at Concordia University.

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