Indigenous Poetics in Canada

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Lee Maracle, Neal McLeod, Daniel David Moses, Armand Garnet Ruffo
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College, University
Coast Salish, Cree, Delaware, Metis, Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Ojibwe, Onondaga
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Wilfrid University Press
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Indigenous Poetics in Canada broadens the way in which Indigenous poetry is examined, studied, and discussed in Canada. Breaking from the parameters of traditional English literature studies, this volume embraces a wider sense of poetics, including Indigenous oralities, languages, and understandings of place. Featuring work by academics and poets, the book examines four elements of Indigenous poetics. First, it explores the poetics of memory: collective memory, the persistence of Indigenous poetic consciousness, and the relationships that enable the Indigenous storytelling process. The book then explores the poetics of performance: Indigenous poetics exist both in written form and in relation to an audience. Third, in an examination of the poetics of place and space, the book considers contemporary Indigenous poetry and classical Indigenous narratives. Finally, in a section on the poetics of medicine, contributors articulate the healing and restorative power of Indigenous poetry and narratives. Editor Neal McLeod grew up Cree on the James Smith Reserve in Saskatchewan and studied at the Swedish Art Academy at Umeå. He teaches Indigenous studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. 28 entries comprise this collection including the works by well-known First Nation academics such as David Newhouse, Lee Maracle, James Sinclair, Daniel David Moses, and Leanne Simpson. Two fascinating papers spark interest in dub poetry by spoken word poet Lillian Allen and scholar Susan Gignell, who studies African literatures. This volume contains a helpful index.

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