Good Morning World (BD)

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Paul Windsor
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One
Haisla, Heiltsuk, Pacific NW
Book Type:
Native Northwest

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Good Morning World is a 24-page board book made with recycled paper with soy-based ink and water-based coating from Native Northwest publishers. Haisla and Heiltsuk artist Paul Windsor has created the colourful Northwest Coast art designed as the reader is introduced to the worldview of the people of the Pacific Northwest. The book begins with welcoming the sun that shines on the birds and butterflies. Each 2-page spread that follows greets the bears fishing in the river, the eagles soaring in the sky, the salmon swimming upstream, the marine life floating in the sea; the whales playing in their pod, the beaver building the dam, the bugs helping the bugs grow, the turtles walking to the sea, the butterflies adding colour to the sky, the frogs leaping through the pond, and the raven bringing light to the world. Each acknowledgement begins with good morning reinforcing the greeting. In this way the young child learns thankfulness for the world and that we are all interconnected. Highly recommended.

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