Goodnight World HC

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Native Northwest
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One
Pacific NW
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Native Northwest

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Goodnight World is a 24-page hardcover picture book made with recycled paper with soy-based ink and water-based coating from Native Northwest publishers.  This picture book reinforces worldview values of acknowledging the end of the day. In this simple format each of the animals, birds, and sea creatures say good night by dreaming, singing each other to sleep and various activities unique to each animal. Twenty-three Northwest Coast artists have contributed to this remarkable title but the book flows so well the viewer is unaware.  Complete credits are found on the book's back cover. The whales hum softly as they float in the sea, while the beavers dream together in their lodge, and the owls watch carefully through the night. The final spread says goodnight to all the animals of the air, land, and sea.  Each artist's contribution is recognized in this important title for young children's bedtime routine. It also introduces young children to Northwest Coast art designs while explaining the importance of interdependence with the environment.  Highly recommended.

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