Man Made Monsters

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Levine Querido
Jeff Edwards
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Adult Education, College, University
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Hard cover
Levine Querido
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By Andrea Rogers, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and illustrated by Jeff Edwards. Tsalagi should never have to live on human blood, but sometimes things just happen to sixteen-year-old girls. Horror fans will get their thrills in this collection – from werewolves to vampires to zombies – all the time-worn horror baddies are there. But so are predators of a distinctly American variety – the horrors of empire, of intimate partner violence, of dispossession. And so too the monsters of Rogers’ imagination, that draw upon long-told Cherokee stories – of Deer Woman, fantastical sea creatures, and more. Following one extended Cherokee family across the centuries, from their homelands in Georgia in the 1830s to World War I, the Vietnam War, our own present, and well into the future, each story delivers a slice of a particular time period that will leave readers longing for more. Alongside each story, Cherokee artist and language technologist Jeff Edwards delivers haunting illustrations that incorporate Cherokee syllabary.

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