Grasshopper Girl

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Theresa Peterson
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One, Two, Three
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Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing
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Grasshopper Girl is written by Teresa Peterson, Dakota from the Upper Sioux Community, and illustrated by Jordan Rodgers, Lakota. In Grasshopper Girl, young Psipsi is sick in bed, she misses her friends and being outside. What will make her feel better? An Unktomi trickster story from her father lulls her to sleep. "Unktomi stories have been shared in Dakota families and communities for a very long time. This tradition continued into the childhood of my mother's generation. Depending upon location and community, variations of this Unktomi story have been told. This Unktomi story is a local version my mother and her siblings heard from their father, primarily when they were ill, perhaps to lend comfort in addition to impart lessons to a captive audience." -- Teresa Peterson. A glossary is included for the words used in this Unktomi story. The Dakota language was an oral language but Dakota orthography is revitalizing this endangered language.

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