The Eagle's Path-FNCR2018

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Michelle Corneau
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Iroquois, Mohawk
Book Type:
Strong Nations Publishing
Copyright Date:

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The Eagle's Path is an illustrated children's fiction book by Michelle Corneau for Strong Nations Publishing. Colour pencil sketches by Audrey Keating illustrate the story of 10-year old Anna whose school friend Jill announces she prefers girls when the two talk about boys at their school. Anna is troubled and her parents notice Anna is unusually quiet at home. Her mother gently asks what is troubling Anna. Anna explains her confusion about her friend's statement that she likes girls and to Anna that is something she terms as gross. Mother explains proper terminology for female and male identity and introduces the term, two-spirit. Anna may find this new concept difficult but her mother reminds Anna of her eagle necklace and the teachings of courage, honesty and wisdom. Anna still has issues at school when some boys call her names because of skin colour. Jill supports Anna and is happy she remained her friend despite this change. Anna realizes Jill remains her friend and decides to gift her with an eagle charm to help her follow the Eagle's Path too. The author has added an introductory paragraph about why she wrote this story. She has added questions as conservation starters and an introduction of two new terms: discrimination and two-spirit for elementary classrooms. The Eagle's Path has been selected in the Children’s Category Longlist for First Nation Communities READ 2018.


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