Our Whole Gwickin Way

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Gwich'in Tribal Council, Leslie McCartney
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University of Alberta Press
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Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidanda`i’ Tthak Ejuk Go`onlih Stories from the People of the Land by Leslie McCartney  and the Gwich'in Tribal Council includes a foreword by Grand Deputy Chief Jordan Peterson. This book is based on a project originally conceived to document the biographies of Elders by the Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute, Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidanda`i’ Tthak Ejuk Go`onlih is an invaluable compilation of historical and cultural information. The stories of twenty-three Gwich’in Elders from the Northwest Territories communities of Fort McPherson, Tsiigehtshik, Inuvik, and Aklavik talk about the pleasures of living and travelling on the land. Their distinctive voices speak to their values, world views, and cultural assumptions, while McCartney assists by providing context and background on the lives of the narrators and their communities. Scholars, students, and all those interested in Canadian/Northern history, anthropology, Indigenous Studies, oral history, or cultural geography will benefit from this critical resource. Contributions by: Lydia (Vittrekwa/Valetsi/Neyando) Alexie/Elias; Antoine Andre; Caroline (Kendo) Andre;  Hyacinthe Andre; Annie (Koe) Benoit; Pierre Benoit; Sarah (Mitchell) Bonnetplume;  Marka (Andre) Bullock; Mary Martha (Robert) Firth; Sarah Ann (Firth) Gardlund; Elizabeth (Bonneplume) Greenland; Violet Therese (Cardinal) Jerome;  Peter Kay; Mary Rose (Koe) Kendi; Ruby Ann (Stewart) McLeod; Catherine Martha (Stewart) Mitchell;  Eunice (Ga'ahdoh) Mitchell; Annie (Niditchie) Moses/Norbert; Marie Therese Remy-Sawyer; Joan (Husky) Ross/Nazon; Alfred Semple; Sarah (Stewart) Simon; Ellen Catherine (Wilson) Vittrekwa; and Jim Julius Vittrekwa.

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