Kulu adoré / Sweetest Kulu (FR)

SKU: 9781772270099

Celina Kalluk
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One
Arctic, Inuit
Book Type:
Inhabit Media
Copyright Date:

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Kulu Adoré is the French translation of Inhabit Junior's picture book, Sweetest Kulu. A charming bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuk throat singer Celina Kalluk describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Lyrically and tenderly told by a mother speaking to her own little Kulu, an Inuktitut term of endearment often bestowed upon babies and young children, this visually stunning book is infused with the traditional Inuit values of love and respect for the land and its animal inhabitants. Author Celina Kalluk was born and raised in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. She dedicates this book to all the mothers and fathers of this earth and to our wonderful children. Celina is also a visual artist and has illustrated several book covers and other literacy materials. Currently, she is the Inuktitut Language Specialist and Cultural Arts teacher for grades seven through twelve at Qarmartalik School in Resolute Bay. Sweetest Kulu was her first book for children. French translator is Yoan Barriault with Lauriane Lehouillier. Highly recommended

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